Surely people have better things to do than to update their social media status, be it on daily basis or hourly basis, some do it whenever they like, every minute! Or maybe every second (well relax, it's not that insane)

Nowadays, everywhere we go, we see people with gadget in their hand, mostly are on social media, be it tweeting or browsing the latest posts or update on their facebook wall or or looking at the latest photos on their instagram, the list just goes on and on when it comes to social media platform.

There is so much things you can do these days with the Internet widely made available to our society (surely you have heard 3Gs, 4Gs, even 5Gs) and then on top of that, the hardware technology available at your finger tips, yes we are talking about gadgets like smart phones, smart watch (one of the new kids on the block), super mini laptops, Google glass and all those fancy stuff mixed with this not so new (remember we had Friendster just about a decade ago) and so called ‘Social Media’.

We can safely say now that social media is one of human’s best friends (probably playable pets like cute dogs and funny huge fat cats are no longer on our first list).

Let’s stop for a while and do a bit of math, how much time do we spend with our gadget mucking around on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on compared to how much time we spend with our pets, with our friends, and our family?

Obsessed With Social Media

What is this obsession with social media? Why do so many people feel the need to tell their friends, family, and to the world about what they are doing, and even simple little things like taking picture of themselves while just having a cup of tea in the morning, doesn’t it sound silly? But almost everyone of us are doing it.

Main reason so many people need a smart phone? You betcha! It appears that it is the need to update their Facebook status rather than the need of making phone calls.

Sometimes this sort of thought struck our mind, “Don’t you have anything better to do with your life than to whip out your phone at every opportunity just to tell your contacts where you are and what you are doing?”. C’mon, it’s ridiculous isn’t?

So many people take out their phones every time they are in a free wi-fi hotspot and tell the world where they are instead of just enjoying the ambience of the place, sipping their tea and talking to the people around them.

People used to talk to each other, even smile at strangers and pass the time of day. Nowadays the only people doing this are old folk. Everyone else is immersed in their own little bubble world; they exist only to communicate. The problem is that they have nothing worthwhile to communicate because they no longer interact with the world and people around them.

Like it or not, social media somehow encourages lazy and less direct personal interaction between people where in a healthy society, we all need to physically socialise with one another, meet in person rather than meet or chat on Facebook (hello??)

  • No longer do people look around them as they walk, they look down at their phones.
  • No longer do people talk to the people they are sitting with, they send them text messages instead.
  • No longer do people tell jokes, they post them on their Facebook page instead.

We should realise that true human-like courteous person-to-person communication is dying, fast!

Social media platform like Facebook is noise, rather than communication. When you update your FB status you add to the background noise in your contacts’ lives.

A True Genuine Communication – Listening and Interacting With People

It takes two to tango and therefore the same as when it comes to a genuine true communication, it takes a person to speak while the other listen.

You can’t hear the level of joy of people laughing, all they can laugh is represented by this so familiar symbol :-) or this one :) or this version =) if you like.

Phones could give us extra communication opportunities; it is great to be able to talk to someone who has moved abroad. Smart phones even give us mobile video calls, something that we only saw in fantasy films a few years ago.

Anyone who can remember back to the days of looking for a public telephone box will agree that mobile phones are great. Anyone who is away from home and needs to check their email would agree that smart phones are wonderful.

It is not the phones, but the way people use them. It is the social media sites that are the carbuncle on society’s backside, not smart phones.

Social Media Platform and The Good Things

Facebook is only one such site of course, and there are worse ones. Facebook is useful for family and friends to communicate with one another. It is only the constant updates that just provide free advertising to the restaurant where you happen to be enjoying yourself.

Twitter stands out as being a total waste of electrons. Why anyone would tweet about what they are doing is beyond any rational comprehension.

Twitter is like a room full of 2 year old children, very noisy because everyone is talking about themselves and nobody listening to anyone else. The whole twitter concept is just designed for celebrities to broadcast to their fans and for politicians and PR people to get their messages on the screens of people who are foolish enough to follow them.

LinkedIn seems to have a genuine purpose, to encourage networking between members. That it succeeds says a lot about the platform and the satisfaction people gain from it. I have received job offers from people on LinkedIn who have read my profile there. I have seen people updating their LinkedIn profile in airports and on trains, but generally this seems a much more thoughtful activity than telling the world you are going to the bathroom

So in a quick nutshell, social media enable:

  • Faster information circulation this can be good when someone wants to spread a good news, or for instance, share crucial information that is beneficial for other’s well being
  • Improve communication, not only it makes communication faster, social media can reach wide range of audience, we are talking about spreading a news to millions of people around the world in the matter of seconds here

How the social media further impact our life in our society and where do social media and the Internet technology take us in the next few decades is really an interesting question, or perhaps a mystery or a challenge for human themselves.

But one thing should stand is we ought not to be controlled by technology, we control them!