It is no doubt that local communities are the best place and source of support for the people in our local areas. Especially people who are in general need, these groups of people include people with depression, basically people who have problem with their health and well-being.

Anybody can contribute something to their local community, be it in the form of material gifts such as giving away unused goods for free to those who are in need, or non material such as volunteering in a community work or local project.

On a bigger scale or more commercial type of contribution, you can invest back into your own neighborhood in a number of ways, including buying products locally, getting services locally, taking part in local improvement efforts, and heaps other more.

Nowadays We live in a society that has become more and more fragmented. More and more people are losing touch with their local neighborhoods. While the internet is in most every home and has opened us up to a whole new world of resources, it has taken us away from what is right outside our front door. We buy products online without much regard to their origin. With the explosion of social networking we now use Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace to form social groups filled with people from all over the world. What is to be done?

How about social networking online with those in our local communities! This does not mean we have to give up the online networking we already have in place. Who can’t handle their personal Facebook account, business Facebook account, and Twitter. We can easily multitask and spread out our time to all. So let’s add a social network that concentrates on people that live in our geographic neighborhood. Talk online with people in your neighborhood about community needs, community functions, and community opportunities. If people in your neighborhood prosper, then your community will benefit. If your community benefits, it will be good for you.


Well if we ever stop and just think about it for a moment. Maybe they want to close the library or any facilities or places that are publicly beneficial in our neighborhood. How can we tell? Most of us probably do not read newspaper that much but we at least get local news on the TV or online from news websites. Maybe there is a new toy store that focuses on developmental toys. How do you even find out about it? Maybe there is a crime problem and people are needed for night watch programs. Social networking with people in your local area is a way to keep up with things that really do matter in making your life better through a more vibrant community. This could be the next big thing on the internet! We encourage everyone to participate in their neighborhood and provide as much help as we can to make things better for everyone as a commmunity.

Our Aussie government have been doing well over the past few decades in terms of establishing organisations or associations and then nurturing these support groups for the benefit of our local communities. We can search on the Internet and find heaps and heaps of non-profit websites run by Australian organisations or associations all over the cities in Australia. Some of these organisations are funded by the government and some are self-funded through the help of their local communities which sometimes comprise of individuals, business and corporates through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs as well.


For instance in Queensland, we have this Queensland wide community non-profit organisation called Self Help Queensland Inc (SHQ).
SHQ focus on a range of activities that help establish, develop, promote and sustain Self Help and Support Groups in Queensland. Their aim is to provide support for people who are seeking their own solutions to improve their wellbeing.

As quoted from their website…

“SHQ is a registered Health Promotion Charity and we are thankful to Queensland Health for the funding we have received since 1995. Queensland Government funding ceases in December 2015.”

That shows how independent this organisation has become since its establishment in 1983 (it’s been a very long time).

And this next quote…

SHQ recognises and thanks the Community Benefit Funds Unit for the grant that has allowed us to establish the Online Directory of Queensland Self Help and Support Groups.’

It is apparent that it is the community itself that has the massive ability and resource to contribute to such organisation.

Please feel free to visit the Self Help Queensland Inc website at


Upon searching on the Internet, we found this very good website with some very good resources as well called which is based in Queensland and it is designed to link local, Council based directories together in a single, simple to use platform. It is basically like a one stop online search tool for finding an organisation in your local community.
My Community Directory itself as per stated on their website is a community-centred response to the need for up-to-date information.
Feel free to check them out.