Home is probably one the many places where we spend most of our life and time.

We live, eat, sleep and probably most of us work at home as well apart from all those daily routines.

One or more of us must have families living together in the same home as well, some young families with children or toddlers.

If you are a parent, you know what it means and how it feels when there is a very hyper active child or toddler around, some young families may have more than one child though. Now that is when a quiet peaceful cozy home all of the sudden, becomes ‘SO LOUUUD!!’

You know the level of noise when there are children playing, running and jumping around, screaming at the top of their voice, making noise, your home become a children playground instead of place to live and rest. Don’t get me wrong though, we all love our kids, they are so dear to every parent that it doesn’t matter how much noise or mess their kids make or how much headache or worries these usually very active children cause to their parents. And one of the worries every parent have for their little children or probably some sort of concern for the adults themselves for being or living at home is the safety or hazard issue.

Safety or hazard issues should be everyone’s list of concerns being at home. If we pay a bit more attention to such issues, we soon realise that such issues can pose some serious injury to just about anybody, not just children, elders, but adults can be victim as well sometimes. Below is some of the most common safety threats or hazards that may take place at our home:

  • Risk of falling on stairs
  • Slippery floors in wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom
  • Stuff overcrowding in high traffic area such as hallway due to lack of space
  • And there is heaps more other safety risks or similar issues that may be threatening all of us every day

The Solution?

We can of course be always extra careful when it comes to preventing ourselves or our children fall into one of those safety threats. But how much can we stay 100% alert at all times to be sensitive and cautious to such issues. We all know and have seen one or two incidents where people slip in wet areas like in the bathroom, or the kitchen in such a big mess because we have run out of space to store our cooking utensils, or an elderly person got tripped over in a living room full of stuff everywhere on the floor.

There are many not expensive solution to prevent or at least minimise all those typical safety issues or hazards to make our home a lot safer place for us, for our kids and the elderly people, not to mention your guess may love it too. After all, who doesn’t like a neat, tidy and well looked after and safe home? Below is a quick list of some handy products which you can easily apply and use at home, you do not need to hire a professional trade person, and they are very affordable as well.

Anti Slip Tape

white anti slip tape This product prevent falls and slips and will work even outdoors such as verandah, driveways and indoors such as bathroom, stairs, kitchen areas. Anti slip tapes come in various sizes, thickness and colors. But they are mainly designed to make any slippery surface safe for everyone. It is very easy to store in your home and very easy to apply. They are so useful almost everyone needs to have one of these in their home.

You can get this tape from your local Kmart store, or if you want to save the hassle, you can always order online directly from one of the Handy Products website. They are Australian supplier who provide huge range of anti slip products which you can see on their anti slip tape product page.