So you ask, how these innovative adhesive products can help to make your home and office organization a lot easier.

Double Sided Foam Tape

First let’s look at this double sided foam tape.

This sort of tape offers solutions not just at home or office but also to every industry, for fixing, joining and mounting applications.

Such products are quick and easy to apply, versatile, clean to use and consistent. There are of course different type of tapes, but when it comes to outdoor applications, double side foam tape is usually the right product to use. There is heaps more of things you can do with this product…sealing, cushioning, dampening to minimise vibration, resists impact and withstands wide temperature ranges to bond to rough or irregular surfaces in permanent or non-permanent applications, mounting lightweight nameplates, signs and displays to many types of clean interior surfaces, it is also great for scrap-booking, card making and your other DIY hand-craft projects, the list just goes on and on.

In the automotive industry, double side foam tape can also be used because it is designed for the attachment of a wide variety of automotive exterior and interior trim including body side moldings, cladding, rock panel trim, wheel flares, bumper trim and most other automotive trim protection applications.

It all really depends on your creativity, say at home it can become a perfect use for mounting LED strip at indoor (bathroom) or outdoor for your other decoration purposes.

Single Sided or Double Sided Tape?

Double and single sided foams are used throughout industry for a multitude of fascinating applications ranging from sealing double glazing units to cushioning in safety helmets.

Most of the foam tapes we normally find in the market are made from materials like EPDM, Polyethylene, PVC, Polyurethane or Neoprene.

All these type of foams are available in different shapes, thicknesses and adhesiveness. Some special foams have flame retardant characteristics which are essential for the electrical switchgear, aviation and the automotive industries.

Now, single and double sided foam tapes are generally supplied in sheet, strip, roll, or gasket formats. The adhesive type plays a significant role in the overall performance of the product. Pure acrylic, solvent acrylic and synthetic rubbers are standard adhesives for double and single sided foam tape products.

Single and double sided foam tapes are constructed from either low, medium or high density foam. This density rating determines the level of compression of the foam and in turn the application it may be used for. Some single sided foam tapes are supplied pre-compressed in their roll format, and so on unwind, will expand to its designated width. These types of single sided foam tapes are particularly useful for sealing smooth or irregular joints. The primary functions for single sided foam tapes are to create a seal which prevents air, dust and moisture contaminants.

Double sided foam tapes are generally of a higher specification than the single sided foams. This is because of how and where the foams are expected to perform. Foam density combined with high performance adhesives ensures excellent tack, peel and holding power. Industrial mounting and anti vibration applications are typical uses for double sided foam tapes. A particular range of double sided foam tapes are used in industry for a direct replacement for mechanical fixings. These double sided foam tapes are known as VHB or foamed acrylics.

Single and double sided foam tapes are re-known for their conform-ability and this combined with many other unique characteristics make for a range of products essential for bonding and sealing applications.

Hook and Loop Adhesive Tapes

Hook and Loop Fastening Adhesive Tape

Hook and Loop Fastening Tape

Other great adhesive product you should find beneficial is called hook and loop tape, and again you can find from your local Bunnings store or source it directly from an online store like Handy Products. There are huge selection of premium quality hook and loop tape offered by Handy Products store. It is great for holding equipment and tools to walls as well as on luggage, handbags and backpacks. We find that their other range of hook and loop products are also essential especially for hanging or mounting all the bits and pieces that are not possibly done with other tools.

By the way, there are also much simpler version of hook and loop tapes, it’s called permanent hooks and removable hooks.

Permanent Hooks or Removable Hooks?

Permanent hooks offer a dependable fixation for those lightweight objects. They are also very useful for different household applications in various surfaces. They are very easy to mount without necessarily drilling your walls. With these hooks, there is no longer a need for drilling or nails. These are quality hooks that you can use for a long time.

Removable hooks offer the best mounting solutions that remove cleanly and hold firmly. They are reusable and do not leave any surface damage, thus creating a very affordable and simple way to redecorate and organize your home and your business.

If you are keen to explore more about different types of adhesive tapes and the science behind this product, we encourage you to visit the Wikipedia website or the Encyclopedia website.